Become a better runner

Expert run coaching at your feet 

New Pace Coach

Run to a target pace with new real-time audio and visual technique coaching

Running Measured from the feet

For the first time know exactly how you run outside the sports lab

Running measured from where it counts

NURVV Run was born out of the idea that running could be revolutionized. By pioneering the latest advances in technology and biomechanics, NURVV’s unique insoles and coaching app give insights and guidance to run faster with a complete picture of your performance, technique and injury risk.

Run faster and reduce injury risk

Know how you run 

NURVV Run measures the most important technique factors of cadence, step length, foot strike, pronation and asymmetry to help you improve your running. 

Run faster

Time is precious, so make every run count. The NURVV Run coaching app uses advanced biomechanics to analyze every step of your running technique and performance data. 

Reduce injury risk

No runner wants to get injured. NURVV Run uniquely indicates how safe your running is based on your training load and individual running technique. 

A new approach to running

Capture Analyse Coach


Running measured from the feet

A running lab at your feet, 32 precision sensors accurately capture the most important running data from the most relevant point in your body - your feet. 

Personalized insights and guidance
Personalized insights and guidance


Personalized insights and guidance

Based on your past and present running trends, the NURVV Run Coaching App uses advanced biomechanics to analyze every step of your running to show you exactly how and where to run faster whilst minimizing injury risk. 


In run coaching feedback

It doesn’t stop there. Personalized workouts will coach you how to run to a target pace and beat your best times. Improve in run, every run and hit your goals.

In run coaching feedback
In run coaching feedback
“NURVV Run is the most advanced running product on the market with over 4 years of extensive development alongside some of the world's leading sports & technology institutions.”
“The immersive live coaching feature then provides you with actionable changes to make while you’re running.”
“Prepare to revolutionize your running game.”
“It’s not just about form, NURVV will also help runners stay on pace targets – using live audio, as well as a partner Apple Watch app for wrist-based glanceable data.”
“There's also an in-run coaching feature that's designed to help users run at a target pace, achieve a chosen time, or beat a personal record with in-run audio and haptic feedback.”
“The NURVV companion app provides actionable, interactive coaching advice to guide the runner to make changes to help them get faster and prevent injury.”
“The most interesting part of this feedback is around injury prevention, and it’s designed to figure out elements of running style that could cause issues over the long term.”
“This is more for dedicated runners, whether they're newcomers trying to improve their form or veterans training for marathons.”


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    Everyone wants to run a bit faster? But do you know exactly how? NURVV's Pace Coach feature provides technique coaching as your run to help you smash your goals.

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