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The Pace Coach has many applications but perhaps the one it does best is to help runners get faster.  
The Run Faster Workout is a technique-focused performance workout that helps you run your chosen distance at a new pace. It analyses your current running performance and helps you to improve your pace by generating individualized Step Length and Cadence goals that take into account your unique running profile.  
Based on a previous run, the Run Faster Workout allows you to define the performance of your next run, either in terms of pace or finish time. With this decided, the app shows the optimal step length and cadence ranges that should be used to achieve a successful workout.  

Step 1: Select your  Base Run 

Open the app and click on the 'Run' icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap the 'Create New' performance run and select a previous run on the following page. This will be the Base Run for the Run Faster Workout. Aim to choose a run that is the distance you want to improve your pace on and was completed at a steady to hard effort on a flat course.  


Step 2: Set your Run Score 

On the following page you will see the score for the Base Run. Using the slider select a score higher than the Base Run score. A score of 0 is a very easy run, whereas a score of 100 is equivalent to running at the World Record pace for that distance. Use the sliding scale to adjust the target Run Score for your new workout. 
As you slide the button left or right the field at the bottom of the screen will change to show you the time it will take to complete the workout and the pace range you will need run at. 
Once you are happy with the score. Tap Next. 



Step 3: View Your Individual Run Metrics 

To help you achieve a successful workout the next screen shows the step length and cadence ranges you need to focus on, based on your individual running style - alongside your current metrics for comparison.  

If you are happy with these metrics click 'Create Workout"; otherwise consider revising the Run Score.

Step 4: Run Now or Save Workout to your Library 

With the Workout created you now have two choices; run now or save the workout for a later date. If you want to run the workout now, click 'Run now' and wait for the workout to upload to the trackers - this should take just a few seconds. Once the Run button has turned white, you are ready to run. Simply press the button and wait for the countdown. 3-2-1-Go. 

You can also choose to run the workout at a later date - by tapping 'Skip for now'. If you decide to do this, you can find the saved workout in the 'Run' menu as a 'Performance Run'. Once you have found the correct run click on it and follow the steps above. 


Step 5: In Run Real Time Coaching 

During the workout, you can opt to receive audio feedback to help you reach your goal. Audio feedback is achieved by pairing your phone with Bluetooth headphones or connected wired headphones through the headphone socket. Once connected NURVV Run will give you in run technique coaching, prompting you to increase/decrease cadence and/or step length throughout the run to stay in your zones.  

If you are using an apple Watch you will also be able to receive haptic and visual feedback through the NURVV apple Watch app. Various metrics are shown by swiping right on the screen including a 'seesaw' diagram showing your actual step length and cadence verses the target zone.
During the run, you will only receive coaching when you are outside the target zones. So if you don't hear any prompts you are 'in zone' and on track to nail your goal.  

Step 6: Ending Your Run 

Once you have covered the distance selected in the original base run, the app will automatically notify you that the workout is complete. Once you've caught your breath you can check your stats and see whether you achieved your goal. You will get a score for your run versus the target set, and a detailed breakdown of your pace, cadence and step length metrics during the workout. 


Step 7: Run Progression 

The app will auto-adjust the future target Run Score for this workout to keep you progressing. If you nailed your goal it will suggest a new higher Run Score to aim for next time. Conversely, if you came up short it will suggest the same or lower Run Score to shoot for your next workout. As before, you can choose to do the workout straight away or save it for another time. 

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