Using Pace Coach For Recovery Runs

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Using Pace Coach for Recovery Runs 

One of the best bits of running advice we’ve been given was that, in order to to run faster over longer distances, you have to learn to run slower too. Confused? Let us explain. 

Most people know that to get faster, they have to do some speed work. While one or two quicker sessions a week might be all you need to see improvement at shorter races - distances like 5ks and 10ks - for those with longer distance ambitions, there needs to be a focus on building aerobic endurance.  

In simple terms, the body has several different energy systems and the one that is most useful to getting you to that half or marathon finish line is the aerobic energy system. This system uses oxygen to convert glycogen, fat and protein into energy. To develop it you need plenty of oxygen which can only be achieved when we run at an easier pace. 

The Pace Coach feature can be an excellent way of making sure you develop the aerobic energy system by pacing your easy or recovery runs appropriately. By setting a Run Score in line with your ideal recovery run pace you will receive in-run coaching technique coaching to help you avoid over training. 

Here’s how to use Pace Coach during Recovery Runs. 

  1. Open the NURVV Run app and in the Run Tab select tap Pace Coach in the centre of the screen.

  2. For this Recovery Run select a Base Run from your previous run history - note it needs to be same length as your intended recovery run. If you don’t have a Base Run that meets these criteria you can create a new one by the Create a Base Run tutorial. 

  3. On the following screen you will see a Run Score for the Base Run alongside the total time it took you to run that distance and the pace you ran at. For reference, the Run Score indicates how intense your Base Run was, with 0 being very easy and 100 the maximum difficulty. Using the slider, toggle the score downwards to show a lower number. As the Run Score reduces, the total time will increase and the pace will decrease. Once you have selected the Run Score that most closely matches your ideal Recovery Run pace click next. 

  4. You will be able to see your personalised technique targets for step length and cadence. During the workout you will be given audio, visual and haptic coaching based on these targets with the aim of optimizing your technique to match the pace/time of the chosen Run Score.  

  5. Tap Create Workout and then Run Now to start your Recovery Run. 

  6. Your new Workout will be uploaded to the trackers and once this is complete (typically around 10 seconds) the Run button will turn white. Click the button and you will get the 3-2-1-Go countdown. Off you go. Have a great run! 

  7. The Pace Coach will automatically stop once your chosen distance has been run. On the app screen it will display Insights from the run including your Run Score and how you fared against the target including details of how your technique compared to the target.  It is worth noting that this workout is primarily about keeping the pace low, so you may wish to pay less attention to post run technique metrics.

Pace Coach can be used in a number of different ways. You can find a Guides on how to use Pace Coach for Intervals here and to Run Faster here.

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